Twin Spark PPD System

PPD Systems

The OS Twin Spark PPD System is a turn key complete system for wide area and for the simultaneous deposition of two materials as well as unconventional doping.
It is equipped with up to two PPD guns (GEN III or Gen IV). The base pressure is a 1x10-7 mbar.
The use of two PPD Guns allows to achieve a wide area deposition as well as high deposition rate up tp hundreds of nm per minute (depending on the material).
Two rotating target holders OS (OS-TH) are designed specifically to be compatible with the plasma environment by The 2 inch magnetically rotating substrate holder may be heated up to 850°C. The heater is oxygen compatible.
The in situ Laser Thickness Monitor designed by OS (OS-LTM) is mounted outside of the vacuum chamber (it may be placed at an angle if it is necessary).
The plume is characterized in situ by the plume spectrometer OS-PLSP1.
The Load Lock (OS-LL) allows to manipulate samples in a controlled environment removing gas contaminants from the chamber.
A Radio Frequency Plasma Cleaning antenna (OS-RFPLCL) especially designed for the OS-LL allows to clean the substrates prior to insertion in the chamber.
A shielded inspection viewport is installed at the front.

Standard System and power unit