PPD Gun Series

The OS PPD GEN SERIES 3000 Electron/Plasma Source is the fourth generation of sources designed by OS with improved performances in terms of repetition rate, efficiency, roughness.

Download the PPD video (WMV 4.6 MB)


Rugged construction stainless steel (SS304) and glass
Small geometrical form factor 63mm diameter, suitable for parallel close packing PPD sources
Adjustable cathode gas inlet flow permits variable operating pressures (see below)
Replaceable capillary for extended lifetime PPD-CT series (available from stock)
z-adjustable position in the deposition chamber 250mm
Compact electronic design
Indipendent triggering system
Bakeable up to 200°C
Low electromagnetic noise
Two or more PPD Guns can be syncronized
No moving parts


Max. rep. rate 100 Hz
Beam cross section 3÷12 mm2 according to capillary dimension
Mean electron energy 2KeV
Max. electron energy 20 KeV
Pulse power density 4÷600 MW/cm2
Max. pulse energy > 4 J
Min. Pulse energy < 0.1 J
Cathode lifetime 5x109 shots
Operating voltage 8÷25 KV
HV power supply 0÷25 KV, 50mA
Ablation depth 0.5÷2 µm depending on the material
Deposition rate 100÷2000 angstrom/minute depending on the material
Efficiency > 60% input power (capacitors) vs output power (beam)
Input voltage 115÷230 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase
Deposition operating pressure 2X10-2 ÷ 2x10-5 mbar
Mounting UHV DN63CF flange
z alignement range 250 mm optional
Data logger Y (voltage, pressure)
in-situ Deposition rate Y LTM-XXX (optional)
in-situ Spectrum analyzer Y PLSP (optional)