Twin Spark PPD Linear System

PPD Systems

The linear system (200 mm diam., 745 mm length) deposition chamber and is equipped with two PPD Gen III guns for linear c.w. deposition.
The sample, in the form of a ribbon is transported longitudinally. The system provides c.w. homogeneous growth on a width of 40 mm.
The chamber is connected by two 200 CF flanges for sample introduction, gun shutters and measurement instruments (i.e. OS-LTM for dep. rate, OS-PLSP1 for plume spectrometer).
The chamber is equipped by a rail system for sample movement. Rolling and unrolling at both ends of the linear system (to be implemented) may allow R2R growth on flexible substrates.
The system is evacuated by a 250 l/s turbo-molecular pump and a dry baking pump (Scroll).