Organic Spintronics

What is Spintronics?

Spintronics is a technology that refers to spin-based electronics in which the information is stored and manipulated by the carrier's spin polarization rather than the charge.
With the introduction of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) devices that can exhibit a large change in resistance in the presence of a magnetic field, spintronics had its origin since then.
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) is an example of spin-based memory devices.
Further developments of spintronics require the control of the spin polarization in a device.
The challenges are associated with spin-based devices, which include spin injection and spin detection.
The simplest spintronic device is a two terminal device such as the spin valve in which the receptivity depends on the applied magnetic field.
The mainstream of research of spintronics is following the study of ordinary inorganic semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, but the main obstacle is the difficulty in reaching room temperature operation.

The Bologna-based Organic Spintronics Srl Company holds the international intellectual property (IP) for the use of organic semiconductors in spintronics achieving in this way the operation at room temperature. Organic semiconductors are more suitable for transport of spin polarization due to low- scattering rate compared to inorganic semiconductors.

Why Organics?

Organic semiconductors are particularly suitable for transport of spin polarization because the scattering rate is orders of magnitude smaller than in ordinary inorganic semiconductors.

What is Organic Spintronics?

Organic Spintronics is a new field of Spintronics in which the spintronic devices are constituted by organic semiconductors and magnetic metals. In particular, as magnetic metals we have implemented the processing of half metallic ferromagnetic material such as colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) materials.

The combination of organic semiconductors and magnetic metals allows to achieve low spin scattering rates and room temperature operations.

Organic Spintronics Srl possesses the intellectual property rights for the use of organic semiconductors in combination with CMR materials (US Patent nr 6 325 914 - dec. 2001).

Field of application

Devices based on organic semiconductor/CMR junctions may find application in:

  • magnetic sensors
  • non-volatile memory elements
  • logic spintronic devices (spin FET)