Load Lock System


The OS Load Lock (OS-LL) is especially designed for the use in connection with the standard OS PPD deposition system (Twin Spark PPD system) allowing to transfer samples up to 2 mcm diameter to the deposition system and is connected to a CF100 flange by a gate valve. It is equipped with a 1000 mm magnetic translator, a port-aligner, a fast 100 mm diameter entry door for inserting samples, lamp, inspection window, roughening valve, gas inlet valve and pressure gauges. A CF40 flange provides the port for optional installation of the Radio Frequency Plasma Cleaning antenna (OS-RFPLCL) designed by OS for the OS-LL. The OS-RFPLCL unit (optional) is equipped with a specially designed power supply.


Dimensions 100 mm diameter, 270 mm length
Connecting flange UHV DN100CF
Magnetic translator 1000 mm length and port aligner
Inspection viewport UHV DN63CF
Fast-entry door UHV DN100 ISO K
Pressure gauge Pirani
Plasma Cleaning Unit (optional) UHV DN40CF port and power supply
Extra blank flange UHV DN40CF

* An RF noise shielded PC is recommended for the use in connection with a PPD System.

Load Lock System
Load Lock System